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The Welsh Coast.

trenchn 14 Jul 21:11  

Joined: 14 Jul 2008

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I would like to cycle the entire Welsh coast. Is this a practical proposition? How many miles would it be? How much of it would actaully be near the coast?
Any help, tips, suggestions, etc would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Tamps85 18 Sep 12:04  

Joined: 18 Sep 2008

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Hey i'm looking into doing the same thing, plotted a preliminary route. The first bit from Cardiff to just past Swansea isn't the nicest, its a choise between some pretty busy A roads or a never ending maze of B's. Plus your going through some spots like Port Talbot which aren't exactly areas of outstanding national beauty!!

After that though it gets alot better and you can stay pretty close to the coast all the way round. The route i planned missed some bits of coastline out as i'd rather get to certain points in a day and have time there to enjoy it, this includes cutting accross from Llanelli to St Davids and going through Snowdonia National Park to Coed Y Brenin forest as the mountain biking there is amazing so i'm told.

The route i planned is for 9 days cycling, plus 3 days resting/siteseeing so 12 days total. That includes the ride back from Chester to Llandrindod Wells and then down through Brecon back to Cardiff. Adds up to about 550/600miles. The longest day is about 80miles i think and most are more like 50/60miles.

If you have any good ideas for route planning would love to hear them.

Deb re-Cycles 22 Sep 16:21  

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With regard to the earlier reply - I can't believe that he plans on cutting out the coast between Llanelli and St David's! He will be missing out on pretty coastal offroad cycling between Llanelli and Kidwelly and the Towy Estuary, and virtually the whole of Pembrokeshire (which is arguably the best piece of coastine in the whole of Wales!) Pembrokeshire should not be excluded - Don't do it!

enzoalex 20 Apr 15:55  

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Tamps85, I am also considering the same ride. Please can you tell me where you plan to stay.

stuartkendall 20 Apr 22:18  

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So are u doing this on a mountain bike then? If so do you aim to avoid roads?

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zimmy 04 May 15:28  

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You must not miss the Gower coast...this area is a wow!

Rob (Zimmy)

jou-melon 19 Jan 11:07  

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when you cycle from carmarthen to llansteffan take the back roads as the main road through jhonstown is deadly!!!!! :)

CannondaleCommuter 02 Mar 11:13  

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I'm hoping it's practical as we are thinking about doing it. However the only way to get an approximate distance would be to map a route out on google earth, however I reckon the distance is around 300-400 miles maybe.

We are hoping to do the entire coast, so this would involve north wales, anglesey, llyn peninsular and then south. Nothing planned yet.


ljefford04 11 Nov 20:48  

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I am planning on doing this next year when it is complete so I'm glad I found this thread and forum. I think it will come in handy. Good luck! :)

dsr1983 15 Nov 22:30  

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hi. i'm planning on doing the coast from the south border to the north border of wales. it looks to be about 450m on the main roads so i guess will be more like 550m on the B roads. hoping to take in breccons,snowdonia and the nicer parts of the coast but miss the miserable areas. planning for next April with a group. any recommendations of specific parts we cant miss would be appreciated!!!

Dai 13 Dec 22:09  

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I also want to do this ride and am thinking of next summer. Does anyone ctually have a route mapped?

dawes-rider 14 Dec 20:52  

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hi there
you want to have a look at route 5 that covers the north coast
we cycled it a few years ago it follows the coast and i mean the break water
great ride

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scorpianuk 13 Nov 17:15  

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Hi I've started planing and training for this. I am going to be doing it for charity and have planed my route around my chosen charity taking in as much of the coastline as possible. The route starts at the north welsh border and is 676 miles long traveling on average 75 miles a day for 12 days including 3 rest days at a easy pace of 15 mph finishing at near Severn bridge. Date is still to be confirmed but will be July/ August.

All welcome to join for full or part route

Dai 10 Feb 20:22  

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Have you actually planned your route and can you please share it

Herbie75 15 Nov 22:48  

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Hi all,
I'm hoping to cycle the Welsh coast next year. Some parts of the coastal path can be rode, but others are only for walking.
If anybody has any routes planned out, I'd love to hear from you.
If you would be willing to share them I'd be extremely grateful.

greeny 123 29 Jul 23:33  

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any confirmed full route all 870 miles please share