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Cycling Guides

Here are some useful guides to help make cycling safer, more enjoyable, and to give you a better understanding of the technical components that make your bike work as it does. Hopefully some of the guides may eventually save you some money as a better maintained bike reduces wear leaving you to enjoy riding it for longer


Cycle To Work Scheme
To encourage the public to reduce the environments pollution and promote healthier lifestyles, the Government has introduced a way in which employers can offer its employees a tax free loan for bicycles and...
Cycling Abroad
It's becoming increasingly popular for us to take activity holidays and breaks abroad. Some choose to simply go on leisurely rides whilst on holiday whereas some prefer a more solid week of solid cycling...
Cycling Etiquette
As we know cyclists have a responsibility to follow the Highway Code for the safety of ourselves and other road users. The vast majority of cyclists just use common sense when using public roads for cycling...
Cycling Nutrition
Cycling is a physically demanding sport especially if you're racing competitively. Even if you're just going for a leisurely ride in the park you'll be burning around 250 calories per hour and if you take it a bit more...


Mont Blanc Boot Rack Review
Read about cycle-route.com's experience with the latest from Mont Blanc bike carriers.
Mont Blanc Roof Rack Review
with the latest from Mont Blanc roof rack bike carriers.


Cleaning Your Bike
Okay, so you you've bought yourself a bike to be proud of, but without regular cleaning and maintenance the bike isn't going to last as long or feel as good when you're out using it so here are a few pointers to...
Skipping gears, chain not moving to correct gears and the chain jumping off are good examples of the derailleurs requiring attention. This guide will hopefully help you to understand how the derailleurs operate...
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
This Guide is intended to help you understand the function of hydraulic disc brakes and explain how to replace brake fluid. These brakes operate in much the same way as a cars disc brakes work. They utilise a...


Breaking a Chain
Firstly you need to determine whether or not your chain has a quick release link. These will look different to all the other links on the chain.
Replacing Pedals
This may look easy enough - well actually it is, as long as you know a few basic facts. If you don't know what you're doing it can be quite easy to damage the crank or the pedal itself. So to get your pedals to work...



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