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Everything fine except lower back hurting

tbs123 01 Mar 21:38  

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After a few miles, my lower back starts screaming and does it's best to try to spoil my ride. As soon as I sit up fully, lean my whole body forward or stop, it goes away, but comes back if I ride on. Each of my bikes, both road and hybrid, are both the correct size for my height, and I'm pretty sure the saddle is adjusted to the correct height (I have 'The Bike Book').

When the pain comes on I start to get wound up mentally and start to think things like, 'I'm going to sell my other bike', 'I hate cycling', 'why do I do this?', etc. Really spoils it, because I'm very fit, and even when I am well within myself in terms of cardio & muscle output, I am in pain!

I don't have any back problems or anything and I seem to be fairly flexible. I just don't know what to do except cycle less often :-(

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Phoenix1 02 Mar 14:51  

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Good day, have you tried a physio, just to check. My back never hurts but I do have a bad back! At worst they will confirm that there is nothing wrong, personally I get dehydrated and then it hurts on my lower back.

roadie 06 Mar 23:58  

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Lower back pain is a common problem even for relatively fit riders. This link may be useful.

stuartkendall 23 Mar 20:07  

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Saddle height and angle would be my guess. Also if you dont have a very strong core you may be pushing with your hips and flexing your lower back up steep hills. Twisting sit ups can help with this.

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condor 31 Mar 19:20  

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Go to your docter and get prescription for diclofenac sodium modified release capsule 75mg diclomax sr take two hours before your ride you wont feel a thing there great .

rory 14 Jan 18:29  

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hello the best advice i can give is to see a chartered physiotherapist who will look at your movements around and including the lumbar spine and determine the nature and cause of your problem and will advise accordingly.i work from both brecon s wales and pontefract w yorks .if you require further advice my number is 01977 780500
Rory Duffield MCSP


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