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new rider

ian-h 28 Dec 15:22  

Joined: 28 Dec 2009

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Hi All,
i've just bought new bike to increase my fitness, i have been fairly inactive for the last seven years apart from a regular game of golf.
I am hoping to be able to complete the coast to coast this year and would like to start my training early. I would appreciate any advice as it is many years since i have ridden and never for any real distance, although i am looking forward to it.


mark1989 28 Dec 18:12  

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I would just say get on your bike as much as you can, if you need to pop into town to pick up some new socks take your bike, if you can commute to work on your bike do it as often as possible, if you have a free Saturday afternoon use it.

For me as I simply can’t afford a car it's easy to knock up the miles without really thinking about it. Also if you can get a few mates in on cycling and turn it into a fun day you hardly notice the exercise bit.

Also buy the right gear first, not a cheaper option that will 'do the job'. After about 2-3 months of regular chainreactionycles.com and wiggle.com orders you'll find yourself with all the gear to make any weather condition comfortable.

Well done for making the first move, now good with cycling and try not to think about it as training, just a bit of fun. I'm sure if you put your mind to it the C2C this summer will be fine.

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ian-h 29 Dec 11:07  

Joined: 28 Dec 2009

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Thanks for that Mark
I'm sure i'm going to find them links handy as i have nothing but a bike at this moment,
Thanks for the advice, much appreciated


C50 29 Dec 21:29  

Joined: 25 Nov 2009

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I only been in the UK for a few months I don't know how far it is coast 2 coast but I agree with Mark that you need to buy the right gear. First did you buy the bike from a bike shop that can properly the bike fit to you? This will make big difference in the comfort of your ride. I found a web site call total cycling located over here, they seem to have some good deals on cycling clothing.

Demon 05 Jan 17:15  

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Hi Ian

I like your ambition C2C is a good ride. As the others have said you need to just ride your bike as much as you can and don't avoid the hills either they will get easier the more you do them.

The right bike that is set up for you and the right clothing are essential also. Cycling clothinhg is specially cut and taylored from material that is comfortable when riding a bike, so don't try to make do with track suits, running shorts, etc.

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soren 09 Jan 21:16  

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Hi Ian, like you i am new, I bought myself a Trek 7.5FX I have 2 pair of cycling bottoms 1 short leg a 1 long leg (not my legs, the cycling bottoms i mean.LOL) a helmit and gloves, I have registered to ride the Manchester to Liverpool ride and also the Manchester 100K ride,Will I make it, god I hope so. any way best of luck in your c2c.

Benno68 17 Jan 21:09  

Joined: 17 Jan 2010

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Good luck Ian, cycling is great fun - since I got back into cycling at 40 years of age, within a year it's really helped with my fitness. I dropped from 15.5 stone to 13.5 which has really helped with lower back problems.

Take it relatively easy to start with and slowly build up your distance/cycling time. Also if the Coast to Coast has hills, make sure you do some hill training once or twice a week once you're up to speed.

Remember to take some food and water or an energy drink with you. I always take water, if I'm out for over an hour some fig rolls or an energy bar too, how many depends on how long I'm out.

Enjoy yourself!


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