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What is a cycle route

Dancer 10 Jun 17:24  

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Does any one know what constitutes an offical cycle route and how they should be marked.
The police have told me that some cycle routes are put in place by councils and are not enforcible in law.

I.E. Cars can not be stopped from parking in tne cycle lane

bubbajones 10 Jun 23:51  

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I wouldn't mind betting there are probably many aparaent cycle routes that are a token gesture due to councils either getting financial incentives for putting cycle routes and/or using the money to repair the roads. This will explain why routes appear to be along roads that aren't wide enough to accommodate both a cycle lane and road traffic and why you will find parked cars on them too.

More info here...


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dudley 11 Jun 07:57  

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City of Edinburgh Council LOVE marking out a cycle lane, and allowing cars to park on it
Muppets of the highest order.
It is a truly ridiculous waste of white paint.

That said, most of them are worth avoiding, as as soon as the white line goes down ,the surface deteriorates and they are happy for all the detritus of the day, grit, gravel and cr*p to gather there. Oh, and it's a handy place to stick all the road works.

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Demon 15 Jun 15:30  

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I don't know who marks out these routes around area, but it certainly isn't a cyclist. Some of them are just useless and some are positively dangerous. And, why do they mark a cycle lane down the side of the road only to have it stop after about 10 yards? But I do agree with Dudley, avoid them like the plague, that is where you will find all the right ingredients for puncture after puncture.


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