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SteveyB 17 May 19:37  

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Hi all

I am new to cycling and I'm aiming to do the C2C later in the year when I have lost a bit of weight and got some mileage under my belt. I am currently going out as often as I can, riding between 10 and 40 miles 3 - 5 times a week. I ride a hybrid with panniers/handlebar bag loaded with water etc to get used to how it will feel on the event. My question is: - how do you go about pacing yourself? What is a reasonable pace? I don't want to race around but I don't want to give myself a false impression of what I have let myself in for either! Currently my Cateye tells me I'm doing 12mph average but up hills I can see I'm doing more like 8 - 9 and down hill my bike will roll at 28 - 30. Any tourists out there with some helpful advice?

Thanx in advance

sdwalker 19 May 10:15  

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hi i am also new to cyling, but have been told by my sister in law's other half that a 16 mph average speed is a good pace to be getting on with for shorter rides, so i would say if you can keep up 12mph average speed on a tour would probable be a good pace but you will have to take into consideration muscle fatigue after the 1st few days of riding good luck with it hope it all goes well.

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Martin48 20 May 08:24  

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Hi Steve

A racing enthusiast would say that 12 mph is very slow. However, the rest of us mere mortals would be happy with an average speed of 12 or 13 mph, especially if the terrain is steep in parts. The uphill speed of 8-10 mph is to be expected, unless your name is Lance Armstrong! As for downhill, the highest gearing ratio on most bikes (hybrids, mountain bikes etc) means that you can quickly run out of pedal and have to let the bike reach its own level. In my case, I have never exceeded 30 mph on my Trek 7100fx.

After a long exhausting hill, you might feel that you can't go on much further but you can soon change your mind once you are on the downhill bit! In fact, as long as you don't try to break any records, you should be able to cycle all day (taking breaks every now and then, of course)

Good luck with the C2C.


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dudley 20 May 09:25  

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12-13 is a good target, as said above.

If it sounds at all daunting, remember that World Record marathon pace (running) is about 13mph!

If you think like that, the thought of someone overtaking you on foot gives you the boost you need to keep going!!

sounds like you are putting in plenty of miles.
a couple of back to back long days will be useful for you.

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