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Wallsend bike shop PLEASE READ

TomMorganLittle 04 Feb 14:19  

Joined: 04 Feb 2013

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Hi guys,

I'm looking to open a bike shop in Wallsend. I'm currently undertaking market research in order to find out if people would use a bike shop in Wallsend.

It would really help if people could give me any views they have on the matter.

Would you find it usefull to have a bike shop in Wallsend? What parts would you want it to sell? What level of repairs would you like it to offer?



alas58 04 Feb 20:57  

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I hope you will try to offer something different to other bike shops, ie products that are unique and not offered by larger bike shops a bespoke service for those wanting to upgrade and not buy a new bike.

A hub for cyclists to come to as you are near the coast to coast route.

Good luck for the future.

danielle352002 07 Feb 09:51  

Joined: 21 Jul 2012

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Hi Tom,

I have just googled 'Cycle shops in Wallsend' - and this came up!
I think if you have everything else right.. Wallsend is not a bad location.
There is a bike shop in Amble that is very popular, it's out of the way on an industrial estate. However, due to word of mouth fantastic service and good products.. It is thriving!

If anything.. Remember the four P's.. Product, price, place and promotion.
Sounds to me you have location sorted already.. Just work on the other 3 and remember me for a discount ;)


txbnet 08 Feb 21:22  

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I would like to strip my 3 year old Ridgeback hybrid bike down to just the frame and have it re-sprayed then rebuilt but I am hopeless at anything like that. I would make a complete mess.

There is a cracking paint spray shop in nearby Shiremoor where I had my Mountain bike painted. A friend who has moved away now did the stripping down/rebuild and it came out like new. So a shop that would offer to strip and rebuild would be excellent for me! Or it might be simpler to part ex it but I do like the accessories I've added over the years and it is a comfortable touring bike for my annual long distance tours.

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regbutler 10 Feb 18:54  

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I would be prepared to support a local cycle shop, need my brakes and gears ajusting but never get round to it!Bike MOTs, may be have a cycle club attached? Events... I think it needs to be proactive get people involved....

chamot33 06 Jul 16:59  

Joined: 06 Jul 2013

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It is a great idea and I would certainly support it.
That said, I agree with others that it would be beneficial to try and add something to the shop like a cafe or tea room or place where people can gather and chat whilst their bikes are being repaired eg: the Hub at the Ouseburn.

Wallsend is a good location between the Coast and Newcastle and in that sense is dead centre along the riverside cycle route.

We hope you do open your cycle shop. It has been many years`since the town had one and new businesses would be more than welcome.

Good luck to you.

RussF 06 Jul 18:46  

Joined: 10 Jun 2013

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We have a huge choice of bike shops in our area.
The ones I hate are the exclusive Road Bike shops that have a starting price of £400 to in excess of £5000+!
These shops both behave & attract elitist behaviour & are such that I steer well clear of them!
Any shop & Staff that pre- judge you/me are not worthy of my attention!!!!!!!!!

I run a business & treat EVERYONE the same regardless of background & expect the same in return! ..... & I do well enough thank you!

The trick is to LISTEN to your customers & be patient with them!

Golden Rule - You have 2 ears & 1 mouth - so listen TWICE AS MUCH as you speak!

Best of luck with your venture!!!!!!



alanf84 14 Jul 19:00  

Joined: 14 Jul 2013

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I think wallsend is crying out for a bike shop if I need to service my bike I have to go to either byker or north shields. I know motor world is in wallsend but I wouldn't want to take bike there as I don't think the staff would have enough experience to service bikes


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