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Family Rides - Hinckley/ Earl Shilton & Barwell

Kev Raven 21 Sep 11:52  

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Hi there folks

These cycle groups are all well and good. Groups of fit individuals, with the latest carbon fibre super lightweight bits of kit.

Sorry to disappoint, enter reality I'm 45 and overweight.
Usually cycling with my step kids in tow at W/Es to keep them entertained. Can usually get their mum out too on a Sunday. Often I'm so kitted up with the tools in my panniers, maps in the handlebar bag and towing either my stepdaughter's tag-a-long or the trailer. Do you now understand that anything over 10mph on the flat is a NO NO? I carry most of that kit, as often something can go wrong, even if its just a puncture.

My other half hasn't had a ride unless she's had a flat. (Touch wood this has stopped since I fitted her a Kevlar tyre on the rear.

What about a group that goes at the pace of the slowest member?

I am at the moment trying to Wean my daughter from her tag-a-long. I have also nicked her stabilisers, doing the run along and let go routine. So far we are at the 10-12yard range, before she falls off.

Why do kids let go of the bars and fall off at this stage? Its more logical to put feet down sureley!!!

How about A kid friendly family group? Interested - drop me a line

At the moment, I am trying to find out as much as I can about the NCN routes locally. Signed up to Sustrans website. I have all 6 Leicestershire cyclemaps, and a few from bordering authorities.

Try Getting involved

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wisewoman 23 Apr 08:26  

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Just to say that I'm totally with you and your post:)

We usually cycle on a weekend with a chariot and 2 year old attached. I also have a bike seat on the back of my bike for when she decided she wants a change. We tend to do around 20 - 25 miles over roughly 4 hours. (Lots of stops / park breaks etc.)

Alas we are up Loughborough way so not quite in your area :(

We did a lovely ride last weekend using SUSTRAN routes from Loughborough to Moira Youth Hostel. Stayed the night and then came back via Ashby, Worthington and the Cloud Trail.

I hope you find some fellow family cyclists down your way!


Shy but Daft 23 May 11:11  

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Welcome to the merry band of social cyclists! Have you looked on the go sky ride website? Its got a social cycling section for people like ourselves who aren't into time trails and have expensive bikes.
I myself started on the site as I didn't know routes or have anyone to cycle with.I now have my own group with over 40 members! Some are more serious but most of us just want to plod along at a normal pace and enjoy the company. Its worth looking into as they do cater for kiddies too.
Hope this helps. Regards, Alison

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