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cycling from Calais to Sete (France)

lovediniz 04 May 21:39  

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Hello everyone?

My friends and I want to cycle all the way to Sete... We're going to cross the channel by ferry then start cycling in Calais. Could anyone suggest us a cycle route? Would you be able to tell us roughly how long it'd take? Has anyone done this cycle route before?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

Raquel :)

Toppy 06 May 13:19  

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Hi Raquel

In 2002 I cycled from De Panne, just inside Belgium but about 40 miles from Calais, to the Spanish border near Cerbere. I actually stayed in Sete on my second-last night.
You'll be going south from Calais, but I'm sure that after a day or so you'll be on the same route as mine, which could take you all the way to Sete.

I had two criteria:

* to avoid busy main roads, and

* to avoid hills as much as possible.

I did this by looking at a map of France and choosing:

* 'D' (départementale) roads - the 'A's are motorways and the 'N's are national roads

* the green areas on the map, indicating flatter land.

I then marked the complete route with a highlighting pen and listed the towns on the way. This was my only map, and it was all I needed.

My trip took me twelve days, including two half days at the start and the finish. I did it on a second-hand mountain bike with slick tyres. On the full days I did about 120km and my max was 145km. My shortest full day was 100km from Arles to Sete, when I had the Mistrale blowing against me at 80kph (50mph). I did over 1400 km in total.

I'm happy to give you the route and some comments based on my experience. That'd probably be better by email but if you're OK with that I'd gladly dig out my map and send you a list of the places I stopped at. I was 56 when I did it and I'd never been particularly athletic. But it was an unforgettable experience - I'm planning to do Paris to the Orkney Islands this summer.

Urban maser 06 Jan 16:26  

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I am cycling London to Barcelona via Perpignan and have the same criterias..... Little traffic and as few hills as possible. I would love to know your route

sheppydog 08 Jul 23:17  

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i intend to cycle from Calais to Perpignan next year and would appreciate a copy of Toppys route if possible. i have just joined so i don't know how to go about contacting him direct

any help would be appreciated


dsproffitt@icloud.com 21 Jan 06:21  

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Did anyone get a copy of Toppy's route?
If they did, could I ask for a copy please?

My Latest Route: Dec 2013 Theale-newbury-basingstoke-aldermaston

basil milne 29 Jun 22:18  

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I am cycling from calais to poitiers on 17 july 2016


i wopuld like a copy of your route please

sharmanwadrian 18 Aug 16:59  

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Similar ask for me in 2018 Calais to Perpignan. Would appreciate a share - sharmanwadrian@gmail.com

breakingaway 13 Sep 06:56  

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Thanks for sharing the post.