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What should I look for in a road bike?

Markymark80 20 Feb 12:43  

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I'm riding in the RideLondon100 for Charity this summer and I need to buy a bike. I don't do much cycling so I don't want to break the bank when I do, but I want to make sure it is fit for purpose.

There seems to be a massive variance in the price of bikes, what are the key elements I need to consider when comparing those at the lower end of the market? are there specific "must haves" that I should consider?

As an alternative option I was thinking of trying to find a second hand bike, but with a higher spec than buying new, although with the exception of Ebay I've not really found many other sites or local shops ( I live in London) that sell good spec second hand bikes

Any thoughts/ suggestions would be much appreciated



spaceman 20 Feb 20:02  

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The best you can get for your money. An aluminium frame is good enough with a carbon fork. For meal the ideal gears would be shimano 105 or similar. The right size is also paramount. But do not forget that you need a good pair of cycling shorts and probably clip in pedals and shoes. 100 mile is a long way and you will need to put in some decent mileage before it.

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chipmunk 20 Feb 20:33  

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hi i would say that you need to determine how much use you are going to get out of the bike and on what terrain- -also the correct size is critical i would suggest trying to borrow a bike so you can get some practise in first also clothing is very important and can be expensive if only used occasionaly- you can then try getting food and drink on board etc. there are a lot of good second hand bikes about - i recently saw a really good road bike for £320 s/h - i prefer to use a local shop rather than some of the big nationals - you tend to get a better service - you could join a cycling club and get lots of advice - go for a club that caters for new riders otherwise you will be left way behind -youll probably get hooked on cycling and you can then buy a bike that suits enjoy cycling and stay safe (where in london are you based?

magpie667 28 Mar 09:34  

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The most important factor to me is how wealthy are you,Ive seen loads of overweight guys on £3000 bikes and lean athletes on gear thats just missing a basket on the front.
Go to your local bike shop tell them your budget and what you are training for then ask if there are any promotional extras eg £100 free components cos you must have a helmet to compete usually.
A good basic road bike alumiminium frame helmet and shorts should come to no more than £600 do not skimp on the helmet and shorts one can save your life the other well lol

eastman 05 Sep 08:53  

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Buying a new road bike is a very exciting experience no matter what level of rider you are. However simple the process sounds, there are actually numerous things to consider when buying a new bike - in this instance, a carbon road bike. You should check:



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