Recently Added Cycle Events

Event NameRegionTypeDate EventDate Added
On Your Bike 2015 All Bikes11/03/201518/02/2015
Ride the ReserviorAll Bikes22/03/201516/12/2014
The Black Legend SportiveAll Bikes22/03/201507/01/2015
BHF - London to Reading Bike RideAll Bikes29/03/201515/12/2014
Shakespeare SPRING 100Road Bikes12/04/201510/02/2015
Horwood House Gran FondoAll Bikes19/04/201518/12/2014
Pedal for The J's 2015All Bikes03/05/201512/02/2015
Cambridge 100/50 bike rideAll Bikes03/05/201506/11/2014
Pedal for the J'sRoad Bikes03/05/201512/02/2015
Classic Oxfordshire bike rideAll Bikes03/05/201506/11/2014
Hertfordshire 100/50/25All Bikes10/05/201506/11/2014
Tour de Tendring bike rideAll Bikes17/05/201506/11/2014
Lon Las 2015All Bikes22/05/201514/01/2015
Manchester to Liverpool bike rideAll Bikes24/05/201506/11/2014
Norwich 100/50/25 bike rideAll Bikes31/05/201506/11/2014
arran challengeAll Bikes06/06/201515/02/2015
BHF - London to Paris OFF ROAD Bike RideMountain Bikes06/06/201515/12/2014
Pedal for Poverty 2015All Bikes06/06/201506/02/2015
Essex County bike rideAll Bikes14/06/201527/11/2014
Rob Roy ChallengeMountain Bikes20/06/201502/10/2014
Great Kent bike rideAll Bikes28/06/201506/11/2014
London to Oxford bike rideAll Bikes05/07/201506/11/2014
BHF - Hampshire Harbour Bike Ride Road Bikes12/07/201515/12/2014
Manchester to Blackpool bike rideAll Bikes12/07/201506/11/2014
South Downs Way off road bike rideMountain Bikes18/07/201517/12/2014
10th Heart of England Bike RideAll Bikes19/07/201510/02/2015
London to Southend bike rideAll Bikes19/07/201506/11/2014
Essex Castle bike rideAll Bikes25/07/201506/11/2014
London to Cambridge bike rideAll Bikes26/07/201506/11/2014
Suffolk Coast bike rideAll Bikes09/08/201506/11/2014
London to WindsorAll Bikes29/08/201527/11/2014
Great North Bike RideAll Bikes30/08/201503/02/2015
BHF - London to Paris On Road Bike RideRoad Bikes05/09/201515/12/2014
The Rotary Dorset Bike ride 2015All Bikes06/09/201512/01/2015
The Rotary Dorset Sportive Bike ride in aid of CanAll Bikes06/09/201511/01/2015
Manchester 100 bike rideAll Bikes06/09/201506/11/2014
Wiltshire 100 & Big Wheel bike rideAll Bikes13/09/201506/11/2014
Bristol 100/60/25 bike rideAll Bikes27/09/201512/11/2014
3-2-1 CycleRoad Bikes07/10/201525/09/2014
London BikeathonAll Bikes30/11/201503/04/2012
Holkham Cycle RideAll Bikes30/11/201631/03/2011
Severn Valley Cycle Mountain Bikes30/11/201716/01/2013
Pink RibbonrideAll Bikes30/11/201823/07/2012
Challenge CamcerAll Bikes30/11/201905/02/2014
Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Coast to Coast CRoad Bikes30/11/201902/11/2011
FWRC New Year BlowoutRoad Bikes30/11/202001/01/2012
Manchester Nightrider with Vegetarian SocietyAll Bikes30/11/202016/01/2012
Santa Cycle Treasure HuntRoad Bikes30/11/202022/10/2014
Polaris Bluebell Wood bike rideDerbyshireAll Bikes30/11/202116/05/2011
Cycle Kenya challenge!All Bikes30/11/202505/12/2011
Pedal for The J's - Pedal for a MedaAll Bikes30/11/202612/02/2014
Pedal for the J'sAll Bikes13/04/202825/02/2013
London to Paris with Computer AidAll Bikes30/11/202805/12/2011
Missing People Cycle ChallengeRoad Bikes04/12/203402/01/2013
Kent Countryside Charity Bike RideAll Bikes07/02/210617/05/2014
The South Hams HammerRoad Bikes07/02/210613/02/2012

Finished Cycle Events

Event NameRegionTypeDate EventDate Added
Rochdale Ride It MTBMountain Bikes07/02/201528/01/2015
The Corrieyairack ChallengeAll Bikes30/11/200323/12/2014
PhotocycleAll Bikes17/01/201516/12/2014
East Anglian CC 75 mile reliability rideRoad Bikes22/02/201515/11/2014
On Your Bike 2015 All Bikes30/11/201429/10/2014
Santa Cycle 2014All Bikes07/12/201414/10/2014
The Lakeland Loop Cycle SportiveRoad Bikes30/11/201409/10/2014
The Endurance Store Eden Valley Epic Cycle SportivRoad Bikes30/11/201409/10/2014
Calverton Mid Week Leisure Cycle RideAll Bikes08/10/201407/10/2014
Lancashire Loop Cycle ChallangeAll Bikes05/10/201417/09/2014