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Walkwood A flat ride to hunt end lane and back and then a hilly circle...
Posted By : Patrick McAuliffe
Date : 26th Jun 2015 12:40
Walkwood Circular

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Merge with bits of Goodmayes Victoria Park route, is possible to have lot more in parks - but beware Wanstead Park - and side roads. I will declare...
Posted By : Clive Durdle
Date : 29th Jun 2015 21:35
Chadwell Heath To Walthamstow Academy

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Hi,Im looking for people to cycle with in the Scunthorpe area. Ive looked at the clubs but their average speeds of 17-18mph over 60-80 miles are a ...
Posted By : flysplat
Date : 29th Jun 2015 07:58
Scunthorpe Cyclists
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