Chelmsford Circular Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameChelmsford Circular
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationAdmiral's Park
End LocationAdmiral's Park
Cycle Steps
1. A 12.4 miles nice variety of country to urban roads. A good challenge of open roads with nice calm cycle paths to catch your breathe, yes it can be busy but i like a challenge, so depending where you start (i start in the countryside), you go from country roads to main roads, to calm cycle paths and if you need anything from town its right there! This route avoids major junctions but it does take you through some traffic lights and Broomfield road is the busiest and bumpiest part. If you don't like bumps and potholes avoid broomfield road somehow although i can't find an easy solution. You can see the cycle path part covers all of the town centre and is completely sperate from the road. Its a good path split in 2 for cyclists and pedestrians. You might want to be careful on the weekends and monday morning due to broken glass from the drunken fools and it can get crowded at peak times but i find it a fun challenge weaving in and out, generally people stick to there side. The good thing about this route is its flexibility, you can chop off parts you don't like or if its wet you can cut out the countryside part which holds the water and mud for longer etc. Anyway enough said, this is the route i cycle everyday trying to beat my average speed score each time and perfect if i need anything from town, try it, and adapt the route for your needs!
Landmarks/Sites to see?
well, you cycle through town so yeh there's lots of places in town obviously.