Glasgow To Stewarton Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameGlasgow To Stewarton
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationGlasgow Central Station
End LocationStewarton
Cycle Steps
1. The ride out from Glasgow is fairly simple until you get to the roundabout which takes you through the south side towns and it all starts to go uphill at a not too difficult incline, but its a bloody long one. This torture continues sporadically until you travel through Newton Mearns and finally join the A77. If you don't have a head wind at this point, then you are laughing. If you do...then expect your dinner a bit later. The road down is fairly straight forward, with little hills that you can quite easily forget your on as you take in the pleasant sights of the recent road kill. You may even be as lucky as me to see a stinking dead cow lying in a field. I usually stop for a break at the Eaglesham turn off which takes me roughly under an hour to get there because I'm unfit and incredibly slow. Continue down towards Galston and take the Cutstraw road into Stewarton which will shave 3 miles off the journey if you stupidly go through Fenwick. It is also mostly steep downhill so that saves some time too. I managed to get 38mph the other day on the steep hill at the s-bend (you'll know the one!) and crapped my pants for doing it. Enjoy!
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Mc Donalds Drive Thru at the Gorbals. McColls in Giffnock for fags. Nice array of roadkill, some pleasant hills and coniferous forest.