Ashton - Medlock - 13k - Virtually No Roads Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameAshton - Medlock - 13k - Virtually No Roads
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityTurner Lane, Ashton Under Lyne
County/RegionGreater Manchester
Start LocationTurner Lane, Ashton Under Lyne
End LocationTurner Lane, Ashton Under Lyne
Cycle Steps
1. Start from the cycle path at the top of Turner Lane, follow the cycle path to Park Bridge Heritage Centre, then following the road back to Oldham Road, take the path that leads along the canal (break in fence just after cobbled section of road), follow canal through the Daisy Nook Visitor centre, crossing the road following the canal path to Medlock, rejoin cycle path that leads to Ashton on Moorside street in Droylsden & after that [path, follow the cycle lane back to Ikea & then back to Turner Lane
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Park Bridge Heritage Centre, Daisy Nook Visitor Centre, Medlock Sports Centre, Snipe Retail Park, Ikea.