Strathaven to Lesmahagow Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameStrathaven to Lesmahagow
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionSouth Lanarkshire
Start LocationCommon Green
End LocationLesmahagow
Cycle Steps
1. Travel out of the Common Green using Main Street.
2. Cross the road here and travel straight onto Todshill Street.
3. At the first junction travel straight on, leading on to Lesmahagow Road.
4. Travel for about 4 miles until you see a side road right (Brackenridge Road), shortly after a bridge.
5. Travel along Brackenridge road for half a mile and take the first side road left.
6. You will pass a go-kart/quad bike place on your left.
7. Stay on this road for another 6 miles or so.
8. Until you come to a T-Junction right.
9. This will take you into the back of Lesmahagow
Landmarks/Sites to see?