Allerton Bywater, Temple Newsome, Garforth, Lotherton, Newthorpe, Micklefield Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameAllerton Bywater, Temple Newsome, Garforth, Lotherton, Newthorpe, Micklefield Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityAllerton Bywater
County/RegionWest Yorkshire
Start LocationAllerton Bywater
End LocationAllerton Bywater
Cycle Steps
1. This is just a slightly different route to the one posted by someone else, i rode it at the weekend and it was good, mostly off road. Join 'The Lines Way' at Allerton Bywater and head towards Billy Wood. Keep going until you come to the main steel 'sty' which is just below Brecks Lane. Turn left down the rocky road and climb the steady hill past the Brecks Lane Farm. Continue until you get to the main road. Turn left onto the main road and then first right. At the end of this road, turn left and after 2/3 houses on the right, there is a bridleway sign pointing right. This takes you through the entrance of what appears to be another farm. Follow the route and it will take you over the M1 and onto the rear entrance of Temple Newsam. There are many tracks from here down to the main pond. I WENT RIGHT AND OUT OF TEMPLE NEWSOME AT THE BACK, WHICHEVER WAY YOU GO AIM FOR THE DUAL CARRIAGEWAY AND CROSS OPPOSITE AUSTTHORPE GROVE. (Original route - Head up to the house and then out towards the football pitches. Join the exit road and past the gate keepers cottage. Just after this there is a bridleway that turns right off the main road and down a rocky path - get some speed up but dont miss the second left turning up a pretty steep but short rocky climb. Get to the top and continue along the bridleway into Colton village. Keep to the main road and pass the cricket pitch on your left. This road will take you to the ring road just after Sainsburys.) Cross the road and head towards Barrowby Wood. There are some good jumps and compressions here to have a play. Exit the woods behind Thorpe Park Business park. There is a pathway that leaves Thorpe Park parallel to the North bound M1. I TOOK A ROUTE THAT LEADS OFF TO THE LEFT TO THE TRAIN LINE, OVER THE TRAIN LINE AND RIGHT, THEN RIGHT DOWN A FARMERS TRACK, NOT GOING UNDER THE BRIDGE, OVER TWO STIES AND THEN RIGHT THROUGH A FIELD HEADING TOWARDS A HOUSE, ROUND TO THE LEFT AND THEN TO THE MAIN ROAD, LEFT AND THEN RIGHT ONTO A FOOTPATH AT THE EDGE OF THE FIELD, FOLLOW THE FOOTPATH TO THE RIGHT HTHE AT THE BROW OF THE HILL LEFT ALONG A FOOTPATH, TO THE HOUSE AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD, THEN LEFT INTO THE WOODS. (Original - You will come to a bridge taking you over the M1 and eventually to a lane that will lead you to the top of Garfrth Main Street. Join the main road and head past Tesco. Opposite the fish and chip shop on your right, turn left down Ash Lane. ) From here continue on the bridleway to into Aberford. Once here, go up Lotherton Lane to Lotherton Hall. Pass through Lotherton Hall and you will see an exit at the back of the estate that takes you down a corn field. It leads you to some Woods that you need to go straight through. You will exit the woods onto a farm road. Turn right here and continue. You will notice a pathway to the left which takes you between two fields, head up here and once at the top turn right and then left at the bottom. Follow road and then bridleway along before coming to a railway arch that you can go through. Continue on and pass through the cattle field. Once at the end, cross the railway and back to the quarry. Pass here and join the farm track that runs parallel to the A1. You will come to motor cross track. At the entrance to this (under the bridge), ride into the woods over the road. This will take you to the main road. Cross this and down the farm road down to the farm buildings. Once through here, bare right and past the horse fields on your left. You will reach a small wooden bridge. Turn right after this and continue. This will bring you to Ledston Luck. Numerous routes from here back to Allerton Bywater. The one I have given is mainly off road from here.
Landmarks/Sites to see?