West End to Erskine Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWest End to Erskine Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/Citywestbourne gardens south
Start Locationwestbourne gardens south
End Locationwestbourne gardens south
Cycle Steps
1. after a long absence from cycling this was a good route for me tonight after work at 22.5 miles on a hybrid bike. north side mostly cycle track south side mainly road mostly flat but a couple of big climbs mainly up to Erskine bridge , the road from Erskine to airport, the clyde tunnel and Clarence drive. leaving the west end along hyndland, down Clarence drive and through broomhill cross to broomhill drive and turn right after the post box. down to the bottom of the road and under the underpass to Dumbarton road, turning left after the clyde tunnel car exit head towards the high flats you see and start the cycle path. take cycle path all way past yoker, Clydebank , dalmuir and leave cycle path at Erskine ferry bridge where you need to cross the junction and cycle up the hilly street to the top. then turn left downhill and at the corner there is a white house on the corner. just behind this house is a path leading through a tunnel then a zigzag uphill left right left where you can hear the cars going onto the Erskine bridge. cross the river via the bridges separate cycle lane and watch not to overshoot the exit down near Erskine hospital. you will still be on the left side of the bridge and turn left towords Erskine hotel and follow that road past a few roundabouts until you see the sign at a roundabout for inchinnan/Renfrew. along that road past india tyre/rolls Royce through roundabout past mcgills and then you will come to a y junction at the corner of Glasgow airport. turning left at the lights over the bridge at the black cart water all the way to Renfrew main street. left here and first right at the lights and straight through the roundabout then hang a left at the lightsfor the back road past decathlon , left down to soar and head through carpark to the clyde walkway all way past sainsburys to find a path that will bring you onto a cycle path pavement up past ikea all the way to the second roundabout where its a first left down past the smelly dump, the smelly waste water treatment and past southern general hospital into govan where its a right turn to find the northbound clyde tunnel enterance taking you back to the north side and back into the west end. thankyou for reading I tried to keep map as accurate as possible and real route is https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw-7kDrs6HcUcWhweVU2MzhlTXM/edit?usp=drivesdk
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Erskine bridge, Glasgow airport, Clydebank shopping centre, clyde tunnel, braehead/intu/soar, decathlon, evans, Halfords, Normandy hotel, Erskine bridge hotel, morrisons, Erskine hospital,ikea,