Lleyn Peninsular tour - Stage 4 Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLleyn Peninsular tour - Stage 4
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationTrefor
End LocationCaernarfon
Cycle Steps
1. Final stage to end in Caernarfon. The return journey for this leg is easy by regular bus service. Details here: http://www.gwynedd.gov.uk/gwy_amserlen_bws.asp?rhif_gwasanaeth=12 This is a relatively easy section with just one hilly part and mostly follows minor little used roads. There are a few miles following the main road (A499) although throughout there is a good cycle track separate from the road so quite safe even for children. There is opportunity for refreshments as the route hits the coast and beach at Dinas Dinlle, followed immediately afterwards by the interest of light aircraft at Caernarfon Airport. In fact if time allows there are pleasure flights available by plane or helicopter and the Airworld Museum is well worth a visit. Normally I don't advocate cycling on anything other than a road or bridleway. However the route ties up very neatly by following a short section of footpath. After passing the airport continue straight ahead down the grassy track. This takes you alongside a caravan park and out onto an embankment alongside an inlet of the Menai Staits. The footpath following the embankment is not heavily used by pedestrians and easily ridable. If pedestrians are present be respectful - it is their right of way, and dismount where appropriate. The path crosses the Afon Carrog by bridge then runs through some trees and round a farm to re-emerge onto the road. In a short while the road returns to the coast and gives a pleasant level finish to the route alongside the Menai Strait. Finally cross the river in Caernarfon by the pedestrian bridge and follow the castle walls round into the market square. Caernarfon is well stocked with shops, cafes, pubs etc but the castle is too large to do justice on the same day. If you do wish to complete the Lleyn Peninsular Circuit back to Porthmadoc you could do a Stage 5 using part of the "Snowdonia Circuit" route posted from Caernarfon and do it in either direction as far as Tremadoc. Use your initiative or follow the signposts for the last bit!
Landmarks/Sites to see?