Heavens Gate to Alfreds tower Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHeavens Gate to Alfreds tower
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityHeavens Gate car park
Start LocationHeavens Gate car park
End LocationHeavens Gate car park
Cycle Steps
1. Starting in Heavens Gate car park with your back to the road look towards the left hand corner for the weather damaged info board about walks through the forest,this is too damaged to be of any use to you but it doesn't matter because the track is fairly easy to follow,just take the LEFT hand fork when you come to it and you'll end up at Shearwater.Ride round the lake and on to the road and follow this to Maiden Bradley. Go across the crossroads and follow the undulating lane for a couple more miles til you come to another fork,go left and after a mile or so you'll come to the village of Kilmington,go past the school then take the left,next right then right again to Alfreds tower (It's signposted anyway). If you still feel energetic you can take the 100 or so steps to the top of the tower,if not stop for a breather and then head back the way you came. After going back through Maiden Bradley take the left hand turn to Horningsham. Once in the village you can go into Longleat via the long drive to the house and up the hill back to the car park or through Horningsham (disclaimer,I'm not 100% sure the NCR goes through Longleat anymore,the signs were a bit ambiguous,the Sustrans website says you can)
Landmarks/Sites to see?
several village pubs,a cafe at Shearwater and of course the attractions of Longleat