Sudbury(ballingdon lights) to Sudbury Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSudbury(ballingdon lights) to Sudbury
Cycle Route Location
Town/CitySudbury(ballingdon lights)
Start LocationSudbury(ballingdon lights)
End LocationSudbury
Cycle Steps
1. a pleasant run through rolling countryside & picturesque villages,no major hills but can be a bit exposed to the wind in places.suitable for any reasonably fit rider.Very light traffic to be found on the majority of this ride,although there can be a bit on the short main rd sections.being circular it can be picked up anywhere along the route that suits
Landmarks/Sites to see?
bike shop about half a mile from ballingdon lights toward Sudbury town,plenty of places for refreshment in Clare,Cavendish or Sudbury.Numerous village pubs en route