Naseby Circumnavigate 44k Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameNaseby Circumnavigate 44k
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityThe Wharf, Welford
Start LocationThe Wharf, Welford
End LocationThe Wharf, Welford
Cycle Steps
1. You may need lights for the Kelmarsh Tunnel ! The route is fairly self explanatory so I will only mention those bits that aren't. Suggest do the route clockwise. As you approach the A508 from Clipston, across the main road is a gate but there is an opening to the left of the gate, take the path then take the slope to the right to join the disused railway line. The Kelmarsh tunnel is 500m long and very dark apart from the light at the end of the tunnel - on a busy day this could be quite hazardous. I picked up two punctures going through the Cottesbrook Park estate. At a junction in the estate, turn left towards gated road and Thornby - do not go towards Haselbech. The final stretch up to Guilsborough and beyond to Welford is 'undulating' !
Landmarks/Sites to see?