Waddon to Waddon Around Woodcote Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWaddon to Waddon Around Woodcote
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityStafford Road, Waddon
Start LocationStafford Road, Waddon
End LocationPurley Way, Waddon
Cycle Steps
1. 10 mile ride starting on in Waddon staying on a grudual then eventually steep climb through Wallington, up into Banstead. Once at Banstead roundabout, take the first exit onto the A2022 back towards Purley for a smooth, fast, down and uphill(more down than up) sprint. Give yourself 40 mins to climb and 20 mins to return. Dont worry though, you still need to put some effort in on the way back.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
A good mixture of town and country roads, with plenty of handy pubs, cafes and a beautiful lavender plantation along the way. There's even a Halfords at start/finish point.