Cambridge South-east Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCambridge South-east Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityRobin Hood, Cherry Hinton, Fulbourn Road
Start LocationRobin Hood, Cherry Hinton, Fulbourn Road
End LocationRobin Hood, Cherry Hinton, Fulbourn Road
Cycle Steps
1. Head towards City Centre via Cherry Hinton Road. At T-junction with Hills Road, turn right over bridge. Once over bridge turn right at lights to get onto Busway. End of Busway at Trumpington reconnect with main road and turn right towards Gt. Shelford. Follow Road. At Sawston turn left towards Babraham. Pass through Babraham, busy junction beware. turn right towards major roundabout, go straight over towards Linton. At Linton turn left through village centre and follow signs to Balsham. Once at Balsham, turn left joining Balsham Road, you will heading back towards Cambridge and to your start point.
Landmarks/Sites to see?