Sunday Morning Spin Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSunday Morning Spin
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityBaildon Golf Course
County/RegionWest Yorkshire
Start LocationBaildon Golf Course
End LocationBaildon Golf Course
Cycle Steps
1. A tour of the Moors, Harden - Altar Lane and back over Baildon Moors through the Glen Woods past Beck Foot, up Altar Lane, round the back of St Ives back on the road (50 m.p.h descent check your brakes) until you see the footpath sign down to Mertle Park - steep single track, get back on the road at Beck Foot through to Saltaire then don through Saltaire over the footbridge and up Shipley Glen tramway, up to the ed of the glen on the greenery to the end then steep ascent up and over the moor, avoid the road, then steep quick descent back down to the start.
Landmarks/Sites to see?