Teynham Train Station loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameTeynham Train Station loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityTeynham Train Station
Start LocationTeynham Train Station
End LocationTeynham Train Station
Cycle Steps
1. From Teynham ride along the lower road towards Faversham. Turn left at Four oaks Road (should be a brown sign for ancient ruines) Go past these (on your left hand side) down to the A2. Left onto A2 then right onto Faversham Road almost a stagered cross roads. Stay on this road until you reach Doddington (just after Newham) turn right at the chequres pub onto the street. Up the steep hill stay on this road all the way back to the A2 at Teynham. Turn left onto the A2 then right onto Station Road. ride to the station at the end of the road to find yourself back where you started. I think the route is hardest in a clockwise direction due to the steep hill at Doddington, either way its not to hard, the roads are mostly wide and quiet and you are sourounded by countryside all round. this route can be extended from Sittingbourne routes Via tonge and lower road.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
There is a pub next to the train station and parking if required. you can stop at the ancient roman ruines that you pass on Four oaks road. You may notice a large Thunderbirds style house on the right hand side the first mile or so along the Faversham road I think it was a pumping staion and was featured on Grand Designs. Nice pub in Doddington called the chequres. Large fish and chip shop with resturant in Teynham on the junction of A2 and Station road. Bag of chips to finnish the ride