Marchwood - Beaulie - Lyndhurst - Marchwood Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameMarchwood - Beaulie - Lyndhurst - Marchwood
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationMarchwood
End LocationMarchwood
Cycle Steps
1. For a hardened rider, this would be quite an leisurely ride. For me and any other weekend riders, this is a very nice ride, which is undulating at best with a few hills that won't last longer than a minute to scramble over. The roads are smooth and relatively quiet, apart from the Marchwood/Hythe Bypass, where I take to the path as it's uphill and there's always lorries going past. And just after Lyndhurst, but the pathway on the road down to Ashurst is riddled with potholes so if you have a road bike, like me, stick to the road, and its mostly downhill so you pick up quite a bit of speed as well as the road being fairly wide, so I haven't had any close calls with big & fast moving traffic (yet). It took me 1 hour 28mins.
Landmarks/Sites to see?