Cowdenbeath - Crossgates - Cowdenbeath Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCowdenbeath - Crossgates - Cowdenbeath Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityCowdenbeath High Street
Start LocationCowdenbeath High Street
End LocationCowdenbeath High Street
Cycle Steps
1. At the train station in Cowdenbeath head South to the round about and turn right onto Broad Street. Follow the road into Crossgates B981 Uphill at the Silver Birch pub then quite flat. On the left there's a green sign for CUTTLEHILL which i've followed before and muddy and uphill it's good although this day the farmer had his cows out!! I'm scared of cows so we headed back into Crossgates! Still heading south just before the lights on the left is Crossgates Legion club. There's a green sign for walkers and pedestrians to head to Cuttlehiil so we went up there. Thick woodland, very slippy and at one point VERY steep. I actually felt myself do a "wheelie"!! We still went though and came out at the bottom of Cuttlehill. Not the bit with the cows, just below that where we started almost so instead of going back on the main road B981, went along the dirt track until we came to the path that takes you through Primmer Place and along the "back of Morrisons" and out at the train station. A short cycle but quite tough for youngsters due to the slippy uphill places. A couple of day's after myself and my son went this way there's been a sign put up by the legion club no access despite the council green sign still being up so not sute if you can still pass but worth checking out.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Gleamer garage, Morrisons Cowdenbeath