Cockermouth Ullswater and Kirkstone Pass Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCockermouth Ullswater and Kirkstone Pass
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationCockermouth
End LocationCockermouth
Cycle Steps
1. Head East along Main Street, follow road towards Embleton, and to bridge over river Ouse, continuiung to Castle Inn. Turn L onto A591 and follow to roundabout at Keswick. If you head across roundabout and take the first left signed for leisure centre, and turn r into it, you can follow the disused rail track to Threlkeld, avoiding A66. Otherwise it's along the A66 turning left into Threlkeld. Here the route planner can't cope with the fact there are still only roads you can cycle along. So go through the village, past the pubs, and as the road bears r back towards the A66, turn l and head uphill (this is the C2C bike ride route), and at the top there is a gate onto the old A66. It eventually takes you onto cycle path heading uphill to Scales, on your l . Just after the Scales turn right, and follow this road until it goes back onto A66, opposite the road to Caldbeck. Cross over and follow cycle path alongside A66, and bits of old A66 on your left, until it brings you back onto the A66 where you can see the Troutbeck pub and signs to Matterdale End/Ullswater on the other side of the road (there is a safety bay on the A66 to allow traffic to turn right to access this road). Follow this A road all the way to Ullswater and the A592. This follows the lake (on your left), and eventually goes up Kirkstone Pass (steep!). At the top turn oblique right, down what is called The Struggle and follow into Ambleside BEWARE - this road is very steep at the bottom end and still very right onto the mini roundabout on the main A591. With brakes protesting it is easy to overshoot onto the roundabout if not careful. Car drivers do not expect traffic coming down the hill and, cars coming from your left have an obstructed view. Turn R and follow A591 to Grasmere. If you are happy to carry on it up and over Dumail Raise. If you want to cut out some of the grind with a bit of back road, go into Grasmere, at the green turn left. There are two youth hostels - turn right to the thorney how hostel and follow this road, turning left at a T jct, and it will take you back onto A66, slightly higher up (not a lot, but the pass is a bit of a drag, so any relief helps!). Follow to towards the bottom of the pass and turn 1st left to go around the western shore of Thirlemere. you join the A66 again towards Keswick, for short unavoidable bit into town. Go through into town and follow signs for A66 west. When you get there, there is a cycle path you can taken until the l turn into Braithwaite. Follow signs up and over Whinlatter - at end of descent and reaching a junction, go r and follow road all the way back into Cockermouth
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Stunning views all the way, challenging pass over Kirkstone, and Dunmail, followed up bu Whinlatter to finish! 4play cycles Cockermouth Keswick bikes bike treks Ambleside Ghyllside cycle Ambleside. Tea stops - on the way out, lots in Kewsick, but also between Easter and end of summer hols, the village hall at Threlkeld opens - cheap and scrummy cakes sanwiches, and all proceeds go towards keeping the hall open. Glenridding - several options - nice one by the river (other side of river to visitor centre) Towards Patterdale - tea place by ferry point. Ambleside - lots of choice. BUT:- Top tip - if you can make it wait till you get towards Dover cottage, Grasmere - there is a Wilf's cafe there. Fab grub - hot and cold foods. Grasmere - worth a quick divert for Grasmere gingerbread to munch on you return home if you like it. Keswick lots of tea places. BUT:- Top tip - if you go to Braithwaite and visit the village shop the do tea cakes sandwiches and pies. Proper mugs of tea made how you like it for £1 Bargain. And although they have no seating as such inside, they have been happy to have dripping wet cyclists stand and drink their tea inside. Whinlatter pass - cafe and visitor centre. Have a web cam and staff give talks about the Ospreys when in season. cockermouth - plenty of choice. NB have cafe in bookshop, and specialist coffee shop in Challoner Street (very small tucked away street so ask for directions)