Braintree-terling-danbury-terling-gt Leighs-bannister Green-gt Leighs-braintree Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBraintree-terling-danbury-terling-gt Leighs-bannister Green-gt Leighs-braintree
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBraintree
End LocationBraintree
Cycle Steps
1. This ride heads out of Braintree along London Road, before heading through Ranks Green and Terling to Hatfield Peverel. From Hatfield Peverel it's down to Woodham Walter, and then up a long 2.5 mile long hill to Danbury. Along the Ridge to Little Baddow and down North Hill where even on my old mountain bike I hit 30mph! From here it's over the A12, and through Terling, up to Great Leighs, to Bannister Green, back past the race ground, to Gt Leighs, onto London Road and back into Braintree. This took me 2 hours 30 minutes on a mountain bike, but it is all on country lanes except for London Road. I would love to try this route on a fast road bike.
Landmarks/Sites to see?