Bedlington to Shepwash Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBedlington to Shepwash Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityIan Gerrards, Stead Lane
Start LocationIan Gerrards, Stead Lane
End LocationIan Gerrards, Stead lane
Cycle Steps
1. 10 mile training run Start at Ian Gerrards Bike shop/ Banktop Pub Take Stead Lane towards Bedlington. Turn Past Police station. Right at round about towards Choppington. Straight over round a bout. Over Shepwash bridge, medium climb. Turn right (sign posted for Wansbeck Riverside Park). Go Past park turn off. On to Wansbeck Road. Past Ashington High School. Right at Round a bout. Past Block and Tackle Pub. Down Remschied Way right at T junction (traffic lights). Cheeky hill climb to round about. left onto Half Moon Road Follow road past Earth Balance to 4 way lights. Turn right at light and follow to Level crossing. After level crossing turn left at Railway Pub towards Ian gerrards Bike shop Finish
Landmarks/Sites to see?