Dedridge to Crewe toll Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameDedridge to Crewe toll
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityDedridge, Livingston
County/RegionWest Lothian
Start LocationDedridge, Livingston
End LocationCrewe Toll, Edinburgh
Cycle Steps
1. Mainly Off road on cycle paths, the on road sections are low traffic areas or streets. From dedridge to Dechmont is largely up hill, you can get a bit of speed up coming down the bridges that cross the roads for a bit of relief but you are likely to get a dog or two trapped in your wheels from time to time which can slow progress. The stretch from dechmont to the Maybury casino is now all cycle path which runs parrallel to the road. From the Maybury it is safer to cross into the streets than to contunue on the A8. From here until queensferry road the cycle is largely path ways between the schools but is crossed by a few road sections, the roads are mainly culdesacs so not a large amount of traffic to deal with. Crossing queensferry road at times can be tricky but after this you are into the park and onto paths again, at the end of the path you are then into davidson mains which is the only real road section of this cycle, from here you are on the road until you reach the crewe toll roundabout which is where this route ends.
Landmarks/Sites to see?