Pensilva loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NamePensilva loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationPensilva
End LocationPensilva
Cycle Steps
1. Start from Pensilva. Most of the route is on quiet roads. Head East through Golberdon that way if you like hills you will get to climb from Lower Downgate up to the main road (if that's your bag), it's about three quarters of a mile of relentless climbing and if you have a mountain bike and want to make it VERY demanding then when you reach the main road go straight across and then there is a serious climb to the top of Kitt Hill (lovely views across Cornwall and Devon). This whole area is very hilly and one of the downsides is that you cannot really let go in the downhills because the narrowness and steep turns might plunge you straight into an oncoming horse!
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Nice places to stop are Rilla Mill (The Manor Inn) and , with a little detour of 200 yards, The Caradon Inn at Upton Cross.