Redhill, London Road Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameRedhill, London Road
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityRedhill, London Road
Start LocationRedhill, London Road
End LocationRedhill, London Road
Cycle Steps
1. See some info on detail tag on map. Mix of road types A road for first and last mile and from Oxted to Nutfield - no dual carriageways. Minor A Road Haxted to Edenbridge Remainder are lanes of varying types including beautiful quite stretches between Lingfiled and Hever - also great scenery No difficult or long climbs but some undulation and short hills particularly Dormansland , Tandridge and Bletchingley V Fast downhill at Nutfield - especially if you hit the bends on a good line Route can be extended to includes Hever Castle, Chiddingstone Castle
Landmarks/Sites to see?
C&N Cycles Redhill (Town Center) Hever Castle