Round The Colnes and Pebmarsh Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameRound The Colnes and Pebmarsh
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityOff Station Road Earls Colne
Start LocationOff Station Road Earls Colne
End LocationOff Station Road Earls Colne
Cycle Steps
1. Starting at Station Road, Earls Colne follow the road out of the village into Colne Engaine, having climbed the short but steep hill turn left at the T juntion by the church passing the village shop on the left. Take the next left out of the village following the signs to Pebmarsh, this is a long up hill to a T junction where you turn right, towrds the village of pebmarsh. After a short gradual climb passing a playing field, you come to a down hill section, into the village and then up hill past the chrch and school on the left, as you come out of the other end of the village turn right by the war memorial, following this road through Countess Cross, towards White Colne. As you come into White Colne, there is a very short down hill passing through the butresses of the old railway bridge, before joining the main road back into Erals Colne, follow this up the long up hill through the high street out to the other end where you rech Station Road and the end of an enjoyable ride.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
No real landmarks other than those described above, the nearest bike shop is Lobbs Cycles in the high Street in Halstead which is about 4 miles from the start/finish of the route.