Rugby - Barby - Kilsby - Rugby Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameRugby - Barby - Kilsby - Rugby
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityRugby, Ashlawn Road, St. Andrews Rugby Club
Start LocationRugby, Ashlawn Road, St. Andrews Rugby Club
End LocationRugby, Ashlawn Road, St. Andrews Rugby Club
Cycle Steps
1. Route suitable for MTB and Road, I personally used a Road bike and completed the route, (doing two loops between barby/kilsby) in under an hour. Traffic is fairly low, only places for concern are Ashlawn Road, The Ridgeway and Daventry Road. The Route. Route starts from St. Andrew's Rugby Club and head left on the Ashlawn Road following the Rugby 6 running course down Onley Lane. Following Onley Lane round and up the hill to Barby Lane/Rugby Road junction, crossing and continuing up the very steep incline of Rugby Road. The climb continues all the way out to the left turn onto The Ridgeway. This is quite a fast section of the route, continuing up to Daventry Road, which you briefly use to enter Kilsby. Turn left onto the small slip road then left again onto Main Road, then a sharp left (watch out for pot holes) onto Chapel Street. Continue on this road, (it becomes Barby Road) following it as it comes back into Barby. Turn right onto Ware Road and follow it to the end where it meets Rugby Road. At this point you can either turn left and do the loop again, or continue right and finish the route planned here. Turning right, follow Rugby Road using caution coming down the hill into the right hand bend at speed. Follow Barby Lane all the way to High Street/Ashlawn Road. Turn left then left again at the Paddox pub, onto Ashlawn Road. Continue along Ashlawn Road until you reach St. Andrew's Rugby Club again.
Landmarks/Sites to see?