The Two Bridges Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameThe Two Bridges
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionPerthshire and Kinross
Start LocationBells Sports Centre
End LocationBells Sports Centre
Cycle Steps
1. Starting a Bells Sports Centre, turn left onto the North Inch along National Cycle Route 7 heading north.
2. Keep heading along the cycle path through the golf course
3. Follow the cycle path under the railway bridge and under the A9 bridge
4. Take the next left, up into the inveralmond industrial estate, turning right at the top of the steep hilly bit following the National Cycle Route signs to Luncarty
5. After crossing the River Almond, take the first right, going under the A9 bridge again, at which point take an immediate left.
6. Follow the cycle path up along the A9. The cycle path takes a right onto some farm roads. Follow it. Keep going straight along these farm roads, ignoring any junctions.
7. The farm roads will dump you in Luncarty. Keep going along this road, taking the third left, following that up to the main road.
8. Turn right on the main road, and cycle down through Luncarty. There's a newsagent here where you can buy a drink if thirsty.
9. Keep heading along the main road. It's not too busy and fairly safe. Follow it all the way to Stanley.
10. Just before reaching Stanley you can admire some amazing views of the River Tay and the Stanley Mills.
11. At Stanley itself there is another newsagent, and there are public toilets available in a local inn.
12. Head out of Stanley along the same road you came in by. North of Stanley, there's a junction. The right hand branch has signs telling you that Blairgowrie is thataway. Take the right.
13. Continue along this road. Don't take any turnings. There's a farm shop halfway along which might be of interest. At the end of the road there's a T-junction.
14. Turn right at the T-junction. There will be a downhill stretch to Caputh Bridge. This is the first bridge upstream of Perth that crosses the Tay.
15. After the bridge, continue up to the A93, and turn right, heading for Perth.
16. At the Bridge of Isla, you'll notice traffic lights, because the bridge is single lane. These traffic lights don't really notice bicycles. The trick is to stop over the bits of the road where they've cut in and put the sensors, and lay your bike down flat on top of it. The traffic lights then sense a car and will turn green.
17. After the bridge is a long but gentle uphill stretch, lasting about 6 miles. This road gets quite a few HGVs, so not one for families.
18. Keep along the A93. At Guildtown there's a garage where you can buy drinks and so on. Keep along the A93 heading to Perth
19. You pass Scone Palace. You can stop here if you want. Otherwise, keep heading along the road to Perth
20. At bridgend, try to be in the right hand lane for Perth Bridge.
21. Cross the bridge, and turn left onto Tay Street, then take an immediate left and go under the bridge back onto the North Inch
22. Follow the path around to Bells Sports Centre.
Landmarks/Sites to see?