Swindon Mouldon Hill-cricklade-cotswold Water Park. Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSwindon Mouldon Hill-cricklade-cotswold Water Park.
Cycle Route Location
Town/CitySwindon. Mouldon Hill
Start LocationSwindon. Mouldon Hill
End LocationSwindon, Mouldon Hill
Cycle Steps
1. We've done this route so many time and everytime we do it we love it. We live in Taw HIll and leave from our house in direction of Mouldon Hill, pass all the way, lake and straight to the road at the end. Turn right and carry on till Cricklade, you can at the first round about go straight into the or turn left in direction of Cricklade leisure centre and just go round it in direction of the fields. There is a footpath that will lead you to Cotswold Water park and from there you can come back the other way. We normally stop by Cotswould water park centre as they have nice pies, water etc.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Swindon Mouldon Hill lake, Cricklade, Cotswold water park centre.