Short Dartmouth Coastal Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameShort Dartmouth Coastal Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityBritannia Avenue Dartmouth
Start LocationBritannia Avenue Dartmouth
End LocationBritannia Avenue Dartmouth
Cycle Steps
1. This is a short route of just under 6 miles that takes in some fantastic coastal views of the mouth of the River Dart. The section around the coast is designated as footpath, but no one seems to mind bikes being ridden along it! The start point on my ride was the bottom end of Britannia Avenue Dartmouth (known locally as "The Island". From here turn right and ride up Townstal Road (A379) and turn left at the mini roundabout into York Road (still A379). Carry along this road going past Dartmouth Academy (school) on your right, and leave Dartmouth heading towards Stoke Fleming. Keep straight on along "The Ridges" and pass the old toll house on your left (now has amateur radio masts on it!.Go around the sharp left hand bend and carry on another 300 metres. Take the turning on the left into Redlap Lane and follow this lane down to Redlap Cross. Go straight across taking care to watch for vehicles coming up the hill. Follow this lane until you reach the National Trust car park at the end, on the left. Turn left and immediately right into the second car park. Enter the footpath via the gate at the far end and follow this alongside a hedge until you reach a second gate. You will need to lift your bike over this gate. Turn left and follow the track marks in the grass and go down a grassy slope (this will be slippery if wet). At the bottom of this slope turn left again and head along the path riding parallel to the sea until you reach a stone wall. Turn left going through the old gate and ride up the slope towards a small stream. Follow the path over the stream and keep going up hill before turning right through another stone wall. Head along the path, going under the trees. The path opens out on another grassy slope where you turn right heading down hill, before following the path to the left and going across the field towards another gate in the bottom corner.Go through this gate and follow the path up hill (This section is very rocky, pushing is the better option!). Eventually the path starts to level out and becomes hard packed gravel. Keep going along this path passing a large house and coming out onto Castle Road. Follow this down hill (watch out for any vehicles as its narrow with high walls either side). At the bottom there are some railings on the right. The steps here lead down to Dartmouth Castle where there is a small cafe and public toilets. If not stopping carry on along Castle Road heading down hill once more. At the end of the road turn right into Warfleet Road and head towards Dartmouth town centre. Go down Newcommon Road and turn left into Fairfax Place (1 way street). Dartmouth town centre has loads of places to eat and drink. At the end of The Quay (Castle Hotel on your left, Natwest bank in front) you have a choice of direction. The route shown goes straight across into Mayors Avenue, carries onto the North Embankment before turning left into Coombe Road and heading up College Way (BRNC naval training college on your right). College Way is a severe climb straight up! The alternative from The Quay is to turn left into Duke Street, passing the 16th century Butterwalk on your right and heading straight into Victoria Road. Keeping riding along this road before heading up the hill. This road follows the contours of the valley and is an easier climb. The 2 routes join back together at the top of College Way. Carry straight on (route 1) or turn left (route 2)in to Townstal Road (A379) and ride a short distance back to the start.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Loads of historical buildings in Dartmouth, although unfortunately no bike shop. The nearest is in Totnes, 14 miles away.