Ipswich - 50km Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameIpswich - 50km Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityCentral Ipswich
Start LocationCentral Ipswich
End LocationCentral Ipswich
Cycle Steps
1. North out of Ipswich to Henley; West to Claydon; South to Ipswich; skirt the South of the town centre to head South East towards Felixstowe; North East at Trimley (just before the sausage shop) and use the footbridge to cross the A14 for Kirton, Brightwell and then Martlesham Heath (BT Research); turn West at "old" Martlesham (Crown Point chippy); Kesgrave; Rushmere and back to Ipswich.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Pubs, shops & chippy in Claydon; bike shop on the Norwich Road before the "Ferodo" bridge; Sainsbury's on Felixstowe Road at the Nacton roundabout; pubs and pies/pasties at the sausage shop in Trimley; "greasy spoon" coach cafe just before BT Research Martlesham Heath; bike shop on the BT industrial estate and Tesco at the end of it; chippy and pubs in "old" Martlesham; newsagent, pub & chippy in Kesgrave, Co-op, baker & off licence as you enter Ipswich on the Heath Road roundabout.