Reading Circular Via Sherfield On Loddon Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameReading Circular Via Sherfield On Loddon
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationReading
End LocationReading
Cycle Steps
1. Meander along quiet roads to the south of Reading. Not too hilly and suitable for any type of bike. I'm afraid the positions of the blue markers that indicate the pubs were mangled during the upload process. The pubs are in Beech Hill (The Elm Tree) Sherfield on Loddon (pubs include The White Hart), Bramley (The Bramley Inn), Stratfield Saye (The Iron Duke), Mortimer ( pubs include The Horse and Groom) and Grazely Green (The Old Bell). Pubs named here were open most of the day when we visited them this summer. They all sell real ales and potable wines.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
The new cycleways over the M4 at Mereoak are impressive if you like that sort of thing; it's a bit noisy but the views are great. Further south, the route passes along roads with high hedges that are characteristic of the Wellington estate. There are pleasant vistas around Mortimer on the return leg.