Washington to Consett and Back Via Lanchester Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWashington to Consett and Back Via Lanchester
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityRedshank Close Washington
Start LocationRedshank Close Washington
End LocationRedshank Close washington
Cycle Steps
1. Leave Redshank Close and join the cycle path past he Holiday Inn that links to the C2C Route. Head west up the C2C. This part of the route is well kept and easy to ride and slightly uphill, to Anfield Plain. At Annfield Plain leave the C2C route and follow the road to Lanchester. Care must be observed here as this is the only part of the route on the road. It is also down a steep gradient. In Lanchester pick up the Lanchester Consett railway path. It is again well maintained. As you proceed towards Concett you pass a tea room that is worth a visit. Onwards towards Consett. At Consett turn you nose towards the sea and travel back down the C2C home.
Landmarks/Sites to see?