Thames Circular Via River Darent to Gravesend Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameThames Circular Via River Darent to Gravesend
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityJoydens Wood, toward Crayford
Start LocationJoydens Wood, toward Crayford
End LocationJoyden's Wood, from Dartford
Cycle Steps
1. The journey begins in Joydens Wood. Follow footpath across Bexley Path. Connect to Denton Road. Take footbridge over A2. Follow Denton Road, and continue as marked. Once off Crayford Way, go across Roundabouts, until you reach University Way. KEEP EYES PEALED. DO NOT turn left prematurely. You need to go down path to the RIGHT of the river or you'll end up back in Crayford. WARNING: This is a footpath. It is cyclable, but should only be traversed by an off-road bike or you will puncture your tyre. Follow route alongside Thames Pass Littlebrook Power station and QEII Bridge. Once at Swanscombe, the path connects to A206. Turn left onto Station Road High Street. Look out for foot path at the bend of the road. It's a little black gate which leads onto river front. Once you enter no man's land east of Swanscombe, be very careful to follow the route I've indicated. Getting onto Manor Way is tricky because part of the path has water and thorns. But once you're past that, look carefully on the left for an opening onto the road. Once there. Follow the road to Gravesend as Marked (B2175). once at Gravesend you're free to do what you want. For the return journey, you basically follow the National Cycle Route 1, which i've drawn out. Keep following the '1' symbol'. Once On Prince's Lane, leave the National Route 1 and follow the road down, and return to Joyden's Wood as instructed.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
River Darent, River Thames, Littlebrook Power Station, QEII Bridge, Bluewater