Centre Parcs Elvedon Forrest Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCentre Parcs Elvedon Forrest Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityCentre parcs
Start LocationCentre parcs
End LocationCentre parcs
Cycle Steps
1. This is a nice, short, relaxing cycle ride around the perimeter edge of the Centre Parcs site. There is a slight hill along one edge of the site but nothing too drastic! The terrain is similar to that of a tow path but there are places to go off the beaten track amongst the trees. We did this route 3 times and saw different things each time. Lots of wildlife here - we saw muntjac deer, rabbits, squirrels, lots of birds and even heard a cuckoo. This route was added from a GPX file. Add your own here Add GPX Cycle Route
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Along the bottom edge of the site there is a clearing that is accessible via a sharp drop, at the bottom of the drop there is a small jump which is quite fun. There are also a number of steep incines off the track to really burn off some energy.