Andover Circular via Longparish and Barton Stacey Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameAndover Circular via Longparish and Barton Stacey
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationAndover
End LocationAndover
Cycle Steps
1. Set off out of Andover towards the Walworth Industrial Estate, follow the signs towards Whitchurch, about a mile long the road you will see a sign taking you right towards Longparish. This is a long stint until you get into Longparish, once in Longparish, follow the signs to Barton Stacey on the way you will cross the A303, once in Barton Stacey cycle through and follow the signs towards Winchester. At the end of the road you will reach the A30, turn right uphill (this can be a fast/busy road, its only for 1/2 mile then you will turn right towards Wherwell (you will see a Merc/Proton garage), its then a long cycle into Wherwell. When in Wherwell follow the signs to Andover (5 miles), as soon as you see the pub on the start of the hill on the bend, this is the hardest section, up hill for 1 mile ish. Once at the top its mainly gentle slops all the way back to Andover
Landmarks/Sites to see?