Lhanbryde to Rothes Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLhanbryde to Rothes Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationGarmouth Road
End LocationGarmouth Road
Cycle Steps
1. Head from Lhanbryde to Elgin along the A96 then skirt the South side of Elgin, heading towards the A941 to Rothes. Follow the A941 until you reach Rothes, some nice open roads with a nice long downhill section as you come into Rothes. From Rothes take the first left at the roundabout as you enter the village, heading out along the B9015 towards Newlands. Stick on this road until you come to the junction for the B9103 on the right. For thos wanting an extra burst of lung bursting hill climbing take this right and cross the bridge over the Spey and cycle up the 10% incline as fast as you can until you reach the crest. Then double back and free wheel downhill, heading back to the B9015. Continue on this route until the junction for the B9103 and head left underneath the bridge. After this it's simply a case of following the road until you get back to Lhanbryde.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Lovely views throughout. Several shops and pubs in Rothes.