Kewstoke and Worlebury Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameKewstoke and Worlebury Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationCommodore Hotel
End LocationCommodore Hotel
Cycle Steps
1. Head up the hill past the Commodore hotel to the top by the Castle restaurant. Turn right and head down the toll road. When arriving at the end as the road forks follow it left. Stay on this road as it becomes South Rd. Continue on South Rd till it becomes Cecil Rd. Turn right onto Eastcombe Rd. At the bottom of this road turn left onto Bristol Rd Lower which quickly becomes Upper Bristol Rd. Stay on this road until you come to Milton Hill. Turn left onto Milton Hill and follow it all the way to Monks Hill at the other end. At the bottom of Monks Hill turn right onto Kewstoke Road. Follow this road till you come to Norton Lane. Turn left and head down the hill. At the bottom turn left on Lower Norton Lane. Follow this road until you come to Sand Rd. Turn right onto Sand Rd. This will take you all the way the the beach front. When at the end of Sand Rd turn left and head back to the Commodore Hotel and the end.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Commodore Hotel, The Castle, Weston Woods