Langley Park Circular via High Stoop and Bearpark Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLangley Park Circular via High Stoop and Bearpark
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityLangley Park
Start LocationPark Drive
End LocationPark Drive
Cycle Steps
1. Start off in Langley Park and head up to Lanchester and turn left at the church in the centre of the village and up the bank. Past Hall Hill Farm which has had quite a few awards over its 30 years it has been open and is great for the kids and onto Tow Law which is the highest point of the route. In Tow Law turn left before going down the hill and this will take you out of the village and past the windmills of the wind farm. Depending on the wind it can be either a very fast or laborious road but still enjoyable. Going past the Nature Reserve and then down the bank into Cornsay Colliery and then up a 10% gradient through the village. Turn right at the top of the bank and follow the road through Quebec and then up the hill to Esh and then the fast decent through Bear Park and then onto Nevilles Cross. A quick jump onto the A167 to the main roundabout and then turn right and then left to take you past the College and then up the hill to Sacriston. Follow the road through Daisy Hill and turn left just as you get into Edmondsly which will eventually lead you to Burnhope (after taking a left at Holmside and then another left a few miles or so up the road) Once through Burnhope turn left and then down the bank back onto the Lanchester Road (A691) and then back to Langley Park. A nice morning spin whatever the weather but it can be a little windy at Tow Law.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Hall Hill Farm