Balham Circular via Royal Tunbridge Wells Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBalham Circular via Royal Tunbridge Wells
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBalham
End LocationBalham
Cycle Steps
1. Start out in Balham or a convenient central London location. Head south through Streatham towards Croydon. Its a good idea to pick up supplies at this point as there are next to know shops on route - and the ones that you will pass arent open on Sundays. The Surrey Downs are very beautiful and you will stay on a B road for the entire journey. There are some excellent vantage points with stunning views of the countryside. Perfect for pic-nicing. This is an exhilarating route with lots of hills - and also lots of good slopes to build up your energy again. Many nice pubs on route with beer garndens, although you wont pass through any towns. The route culminates at the picturesque Royal Tunbridge Wells, a beautiful town with many shops, cafes and pubs.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Many nice villages, no major towns so stock up before you leave.