Plym Valley Cycle Track Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NamePlym Valley Cycle Track
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationEast of Skylark Inn
End LocationHooe Lake
Cycle Steps
1. This is part of the national cycle network routes, number 27 and is part of a much bigger trail from Devon Coast to coast spanning a total of 97 miles. It is a nice gentle route for most of the way as it follows a disused railway line.
2. Starting in Clearbrook at the Skylark Inn, head east keeping your eyes peeled to the right for the start of the track south. As this is a National cycle network route, the start should be clearly marked with signposts along the way.
3. Enter the path and start cycling south. Just before the path arrives at Shaugh Bridge you should pass Leebeer Tunnel.
4. You will now pass Shaugh Bridge platform. You can see from the cycle path that it is not ideally suited for roadies, and hence mountain bikers and families should probably attempt this only.
5. Continue cycling south sticking to the path, passing Bickleigh Bridge you will cross over a the Bickleigh and Riverford viaduct bridges. Also maybe worth investigating for the mountain bikers is Bickleigh forest.
6. At this stage in the cycle you are now getting closer to the city. As you arrive in the industrial estate, cross underneath Plymouth Road and then double back on yourself to the right and follow the track round and under the railway. This is the safest way to avoid the main road crossings.
7. Once you have passed the railway continue south along the path passing what used to be part of the Can Quarry and also on your left is a China Clay Drying plant. You will soon arrive in another industrial estate just at Pomphey.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
There are plenty of historic landmarks to see along the way. As this was an old disused railway, there are plenty of viaducts including the Cann Viaduct which was not mentioned above. There is also Cann Wood, Bickleigh Forest and Dewerstone Woods.